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LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)

LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)
The end is nigh!
Talisman2010-11-21 15:50:59
It is with heavy heart that I have decided to close down the Axebridge ( game.

The ongoing operating expenses don't justify maintaining the server at this point in time - I can't afford it, and the supporting donations have not been there for a long time now, unfortunately.

I'd like to thank the faithful players for their time here, and can only offer you my deepest regrets.

The support forum at is not affected by this decision, and business there will continue as normal. Feel free to pop by and stay in touch.


Maintenance over
MacFan2009-04-17 21:48:39
I've finished the code update. Hopefully everything still works just like it used to. If something doesn't, petition it.

Apologies to anyone that got disrupted by the server being in maintenance mode.

Upcoming maintenance
MacFan2009-04-13 16:20:47
I will be putting the site into maintenance mode sometime this weekend to update the code base.

I will try to time it so that the disruption is minimal.

Petition CAPTCHA
MacFan2008-11-19 22:29:18
Due to the amount of spam we have been receiving via petitions (over the last 12 days, we've received 30 petitions, 3 of which weren't spam), we have enabled a CAPTCHA for sending them.

This should reduce the amount of spam we receive, making it easier to respond to a petition that may be otherwise lost.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

File updates
MacFan2008-10-28 20:37:49
The code that runs Axebridge has been updated. Hopefully it didn't break anything.

Try to break things, and petition them when you do.

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