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List Warriors

List Warriors
Warriors of the realm
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 18 Talisman Axebridge Elf Male 885 days
Yes 18 Fae Elessa Axebridge Faerie Female 2347 days
Yes 18 MacFan Axebridge Human Male 3409 days
Yes 13 Cavalier LennyD Axebridge Elf Male 18 days
Unconscious 12 The Terror of Death Gwenhavar The Gored Dragon Storm Giant Male 4050 days
Unconscious 12 Farmboy Cory The Gored Dragon Human Male 4099 days
Yes 10 Penguin Qwyxzl Axebridge Storm Giant Male 2733 days
Unconscious 10 Lady of the Corxex teghanz Axebridge Elf Female 3055 days
Yes 9 Princess of Lochalsh LabRat Axebridge Elf Female 2057 days
Yes 8 Gravedigger DeadWilliam Axebridge Storm Giant Male 2387 days
No 8 Sailor leambo Axebridge Elf Male 16 days
No 8 Battered Fizzle Axebridge Elf Male 4359 days
Yes 7 Viscount of Eyrie kickme Axebridge Storm Giant Male 1435 days
Yes 7 Stablehand Patricia Axebridge Dwarf Female 13 days
Yes 4 Legioness Azera Axebridge Elf Female 2 days
Unconscious 3 Wanderer hotone Axebridge Elf Male 4024 days
Yes 3 Farmgirl SunDance Axebridge Dwarf Female 4518 days
Yes 2 Shepherd fredd Isle of Wen Elf Male 30 days
Yes 2 Stablehand kelwl Isle of Wen Human Male 60 days
Unconscious 1 Teh Teradil Axebridge Elf Male 4393 days
Yes 1 Villager Rowan Axebridge Elf Female 4404 days
Unconscious 1 Traveler Echo Axebridge Elf Female 4226 days
No 1 Farmboy Eriol Isle of Wen Human Male Today
Yes 1 Stablehand Janna Isle of Wen Elf Female 3737 days
Yes 1 Farmboy Rohen Axebridge Dwarf Male 3575 days
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